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What is the Difference between No Deposit and Deposit Bonuses?

Casino bonuses are one of the best ways to magnetize the online players worldwide. Online casinos offer various kinds on bonuses to attract more and more online players. Traditional casinos usually do not offer such bonuses to players; these bonus offers are limited to online casinos only. Online players can increase their deposits using these offers and this amount helps them to stay in the game for a long time. Though different online casinos offer different types of bonus offers but two are the major types of these additional benefits that are No Deposit Bonus and Deposit Bonus.


Most of the online casino offer special kinds of signing up additional benefits and this money could only be used to play the games and is called No Deposit Bonus. This money is usually deposited into player’s account soon as he signs in for the very first time then the player needs to follow some rules and regulations, which are really easy to follow, and the amount of this bonus is generally between $10 and $20.


Several are the online casinos that upload small amount of money as some bonus so that the new player get acquainted with the games without losing his own money but many are the online casinos where the player has to upload his own money to get started with the games, this money is known as Deposit Bonus. The best part of this additional benefit is that a player gets 100% to 500% of addition amount that he has uploaded. A player can use this amount to play online casino games and cannot withdraw this amount.


It must be noted that these bonuses are just to attract more and more people. These offers, though stay for a long time, are not lucrative in many ways. For instance, a player cannot withdraw this money to use for some other purpose. A player uploads an amount and also gets some percentage of money as bonus but he remains unable to use this money.