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What are odds while playing craps?

You cannot play a casino game especially craps without getting yourself acquainted with the odds of the game, which is based on your luck and chances. Though there is no guarantee that you will not lose money but by making use of some useful and lucid techniques you can decrease chances of losing your money. If you play a close attention to casino games whether traditional or online you will notice that the casinos inspires player to bet on chancy bets rather safe bets. It is just a business casinos make money from and they do not really care whether or not you lose money.


You should always use the safest mode of playing craps and utilize the safest bets, which take account of Don’t Pass, Pass, Don’t Come and Come bets. One thing that is certain for this most uncertain casino game is the odds for these bets are higher and so is their payouts. A secure bet does not provide you chances to win a big amount of money while the risky bets always have higher payouts as compared to secure bets. In secure bets you do not have to pay house edge while for the risky bets you need to pay in both cases –whether you lose or win.


Most of the bets have very less payout and chances to win the game and you need to pay house edge to stay in the game but this rule is not applicable on come and pass bets. You have greater chances to win the game through bets such as 30-1, 12-1 and 8-1. It is the general rule of most of the casinos that you get fewer odds to win the game if the payout of the bet is high. In case you have bet for a bet that range from 500 to 1 then you have fewer chances to win the game, in case you win the game that would be a miracle for sure.

House edge of Hardway bet is 7% – 9% and has a payout of 9-1 or 7-1.

For any seven bet you need to pay house edge of over 16% for a payout of 4-1.

12% is the house edge for Horn bet and the payout is 30-1 or 15-1.

Hence, try not to take bets with higher payouts because they have a high house edge. Choose those bets that have lower house edge and higher payouts.