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Tips for playing Video Poker

Millions of people are attracted, almost hypnotically, towards video poker, both online and in land casinos. It is quite easy to see the reason for the popularity of this game, it’s an easy game which combines slots and poker into one. Here we have listed a few tips that will help you improve your game, and consequently, your chances of winning a video poker game.

Familiarizing yourself: This is the primary rule of all games and gambling in general. Know your game. Various variants of video poker are found depending on the casino or website you visit. It is quite easy to presume the rules for video poker are standardized as in all sports, but it is not. Each variant of the game will have its own set of conditions, rules and payouts. It is hardly possible to know ALL the rules of all the variants, but it’s important to get to know common concepts and understand generic differences between different games, to know which game best suits your skills.

Start low: One of the easiest mistakes a new player can make while playing video poker, is to get carried away and play expensive sessions without a second thought. While video poker has some of the best odds of all kinds of gambling, it is quite unnecessary and extravagant to spend all your cash through the course of one session. The best approach is to start low while learning the subtle nuances of the machine, betting patterns etc. In time you will hone your skills and get better, meanwhile practice caution and patience and you will find your money lasting a lot longer.

Pack the Jack: In most variants of video poker, it’s the Jack that is the most important card. If you have a choice between keeping either the Ace or the Jack, stick with the Jack, it can produce far more winning combinations.

Progressive Jackpot: Many video poker machines feature a progressive jackpot. If you do hit a royal flush on such a machine, your payout will be directly proportional to the number of coins you used.

You can’t play everything: While we did suggest earlier to familiarize with different variants of online poker, in the long run, it is far more useful to have specialized in just one or two variants. While it’s quite irresistible to play different kinds of machines, you will certainly have higher profits if you specialize in just one or two. You can always move on to another variant once you achieve expertise one by one.