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Scratch Cards

You might have played many online casino games that were based on traditional casino game rules but there is a unique and exceptionally tremendous game you can play only in online casino; no traditional casino would offer you this fantastic scratch card game. To learn the rules and techniques of scratch cards would not take more than two to five minutes and you can learn them really fast. If you want to play an exciting online game, play scratch cards and have fun in each level of this game because this game provides you different winning odds in each level of the game with various jackpots.

You need to download the specialized software to run this game; designers of this game have tried really hard to make this game as realistic as they could so that players can enjoy the real environment of this fabulous game. The software facilitates you with automatic scratching option with which you can scratch all the cards at the same time but if you want to scratch cards manually one by one then you can do this also. Playing scratch cards is extremely easy because anyone is able to scratch cards. Learning rules is very easy for newbies also.

There is no fixed winning payout for every level, and the range of winning payout is from $0.01 to $5 and several online casinos even pay $10 to $20 for each scratch; rule is simple if you play for high value cards then you will get higher payout. You can scratch 100 cards if you are playing with $0.01 chips and can amplify your winning chances. Winning a jackpot means changing your life; if you win a jackpot you can win from $10000 to $1000000 from a particular casino because every casino has its own rules and regulations.