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Roulette is known to be one the oldest and most played casino wheel games. In 17th century a French mathematician Pascal invented roulette game using some mathematical rules. During French revolution in mid 18th century gambling was banned in France and that was the point when French immigrants brought this game to USA and since then this game become the most popular casino game in USA. Now this game is one of the widely played casino games in the whole world. Online roulette has become incredibly popular in Australia too with the growing popularity of internet casinos.

You will be able to play roulette of two different in online and also in traditional casinos; first is European Roulette and the second type is American Roulette. The main difference between American and European is that European Roulette has a single 0 slot with 37 slots while American Roulette has 00 slots with 38 total slots. These slots are usually numbered with 1 to 36 and 0 slots. In European roulette you need to pay a house edge of 3% while in American roulette you need to pay a house edge of 5% and due to this fact you have better winning odds in European roulette as compared to American roulette. Winning this game is easy; if your selected number comes then you win the game otherwise lose.

Game starts with placement of bets and every player places his individual bet for a certain number and then the dealer rotates the wheel with a ball inside and when the wheel stops the ball stops on a certain number indicating the winning bet. If you have bet for a single number then you are going get 1:36 share of you winning amount. There are equal chances to win or lose the game because this game is only based on your luck. Roulette online has excellent payouts but the winning odds are very low.