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Pai Gow


There is no other most liked and most played online poker game than Pai Gow Poker. Most of the regulations of Pai Gow Poker are similar to original traditional poker but few differences make this game stand out as unique and interesting game. When you play this game you need to deal with dealers only; you do not have any concern with other players directly. In other poker games your opponents are other players but here you have just one opponent who is the dealer. The biggest advantage of this game is that you just need to beat only one opponent not three or four players.


Learning regulations of this game is really very easy. For a beginner understanding the rules and regulations of the game will not take more than an hour or so. A dealer first distributes cards and you get your 7 cards. After this distribution these 7 cards are divided into two hands; one hand contains 2 cards while the other hand contains 5 cards. The rules are simple; value of hands of 5 is greater than the hand of 2 and you will only win the game if you win the both hands. In case you win either of hands then the game will be considered as draw and none of you and dealer will win. You get a TIE if dealer and you have the same cards—value.


You can play online Pai Gow Poker in some online casinos but many casinos do not facilitate their customers with such offers. If you find any casino where you can play this game online, make sure you have understood the rules and regulations of the game. Play the free versions first to understand the game fully and then start playing the real money game so to decrease the chances of losing money.