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Legality of online casinos in various countries

Different countries of the world have different laws concerning casinos and gambling. Some countries have state run casinos, some only allow online gambling, while others only have a state lottery. Pretty much each country has its own laws for gambling and as such it would be highly unlikely to be able to list them all. However, here we have the list of some of the biggest countries and their laws pertaining to gambling.

The United Kingdom:

The UK has some of the most relaxed and easy going laws in the world since the Gambling Act on 2005. This law provides structure to online gambling while also providing protection to vulnerable adults and children. Lottery, sports, bingo, casino games etc. are all legal in the UK.

The United States:

Hawaii and Utah are the only two states in the US where gambling is completely banned. All other states allows gambling upto a certain degree. Gambling is generally divided into subsets based on it being, commercial, race track, lottery, charitable or Indian, and each state has its own laws about which of them is legal and which is not. Louisiana for example, allows all kinds of gambling, while Alaska only allows Indian and charitable gambling. On the federal level, the status of online gambling is not entirely clear. While the UIGEA will block banks from transferring money to various gambling sites, players themselves are free to proceed any way they like and are not specifically banned from gambling online. Few online gambling websites like the Lucky Red Casino or Go Casino are US friendly.


Gambling is a big pastime in Australia. Millions of Australians take full advantage of lawful gaming machines, lotteries and various other forms of gambling. While this is true for land based casinos, online casinos have it tougher. While no Australian citizen is legally bound to not access online casinos, online casino websites are obliged to not accept Australian customers, and doing so can mean prosecution. Despite this uncomfortable situation, betting on sports, even online, is perfectly legal.


The French love their gambling and enjoy every form of it, from poker rooms, to casinos, to charity tournaments and pari mutuel racing. After the National Assembly of France voted in favor of legalizing Internet gambling, the gambling industry has been growing at a fast pace. Still, in most places, state monopolies over gambling exist, but at least the French have a choice now.

As is obvious, rules and regulations pertaining online gambling are very different from country to country, and in some cases, even from state to state. In any case, the growth of the Internet and online casinos has been such that soon all nations will have to have their own laws about online gambling.