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Learn to Play Craps

If you think it is really very hard to play craps as compared to rest of casino games, you may need to change your views because it certainly is not. Newbies can learn this game via boards but if you really want to enjoy the game with a lot of excitement and thrill then take advantage of online craps. Playing this game becomes extremely easy once you know the rules and techniques, which are extremely easy to understand.


This interesting game depends on player’s luck; shooter rolls the dice and if the total of craps dices is 11 or 7 then the shooter wins and if the total of craps dices is 12 or 3 or 2 then the shooter loses then all bets on pass line will lose and game will end for that round. In case a shooter does not get any above mentioned total on his dices then he is given with a Point. What a shooter needs to do is to avoid any chance to get 7 because in that case he and also all bets on pass line lose without any second chance given and new shooter will come up with new strategies to play the next level.


The beauty of craps is multi people take part in one bet; that means you are not necessarily the shooter, you can take part in the game indirectly and can bet like other players without being the shooter. If you are not the shooter, you bet using the pass line on the basis of the layout. You are able to add money to your bet if a Point occurs.

A Point is an excellent way to increase winning chances so if you or any other player wants to get a Point then you will need to bet on The Come Bets because these bets provide you greater chances to win the game.


A casino provides you many layouts to bet but it is better never to try one because most of these systems have nearly the same or zero odds though have remarkable payouts. The best layouts that most of the players prefer are Don’t Come and Don’t Pass layouts. Pros always make the most of these bets.