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Keno is one of the most popular games and its history stems back to more than a millennium. If you start reading the history of Keno, you will come to know that this game was first played in China in late 5th and early 6th century and later was reached United States of America because of Chinese immigrants. With so many similarities with bingo this game is a kind of lottery game. The rules of this game are very simple, player just needs to select few numbers up to 15 according to his own choice and if the selected number(s) appear on the board the player wins and otherwise loses the game.

Starting off with the game is really easily; you choose a random number or numbers by your own or by taking assistance of any random service available at the casino. With selection of every number you need to place the bet for instance, if you have selected 15 different numbers, you will need to place 15 different bets in such a way that their amount will range from $1 to $5. Then there is hit, if any of your selected number gets matched then you win money according to the value of your bet, jackpot is the hit point when all of your chosen numbers get matched.

In keno you cannot increase your chances to win or number of odds, the game depends only on your luck and chance. There is no practical strategy that you can use to amplify your winning chances or decrease your losing chances but there are some pros who use some technique to get their game going; what pros do while playing keno is they keep themselves calm and do not panic during the game.