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How to Manage Your Money for Craps?

If you are a craps lover and want to stay in the game for a long time, learn basic techniques to manage your money. It is so true that no one stay in craps for a long time if he does not know how to manage his money because this game is extremely fast. Paying no attention to money management means you are going to lose the game very fast.


Many people like craps because a player can bet anytime on anything. However, it is always a wise decision to bet on Come Bets to avoid chances to lose a good amount of money. Craps keeps on going until all 7 shooter lose their bets so there is no specified end of this game.

If you want to play craps in safe mode, make sure you have invested the right amount of money on each shooter and always make a proper guess about the money you are left with. To secure your money and bets, bet on pass line and come bets because these are the safest modes to play craps.


It is suggested that you must separate craps money from your money. Never invest all of your money that you need to fulfill your living expenses in craps because you never know when you lose all of your money. There is likelihood that you will lose all of your betting money in your first bet.

Money management techniques are always lucrative to save extra money to your pocket because you never know when you become so unlucky to lose all of your money. Keep a safety amount in your funds and use only that amount to play craps that you can afford to lose. Gambling has no rule and you have equal chances to win or lose the game.