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History of Pokies

Pokies machine was invented by Charles Fey in late 19th century. The old pokies machine was very different from the one you see today in traditional casinos and the old pokies machine was modified later to decrease laggings of it. The first modified and highly competent pokies machine with reduced laggings was manufactured for Mill Novelty Company in 1907 and in later years this machine was manufactured on business scale. Liberty Machine is known to be the first pokies machine ever produced on industrial scale. It has a cast iron body with four legs and toes, this model was modified later and latest versions were built with legs only excluding toes.

Liberty machine had no symbols or numbers like modern pokies machine though it was very much similar to modern design, its reels had face cards and it was incorporated with an internal bell that used to ring to indicate the winning player or jackpot, but now modern machines are incorporated with light indicators that blink when there is a jackpot and show no indication on normal wins. Interesting is the fact that Liberty machine is still present in USA and it had 20 symbols and 3 reels.

Nowadays, modern machines are incorporated with over 20 symbols and are employed with more than 3 reels per machine. Previously only one pay line was there to pay players but now there are more than one pay lines. If you want to enjoy the real fun and thrill of this game then you must try online pokies because playing online pokies gives you a better gaming environment with superior quality graphics and themes. Several are the types of pokies but the point is no player can play all kinds of these pokies simultaneously. So if you want to feel the real zest of gaming, download its software today and start playing this thrilling game online.