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History of Keno

Keno or lottery is one of the most liked and oldest games in the world. If you make a research to find older games than Keno, you find it a difficult task as there are not many games that are older than Keno. Casino started after invention of this excited game.

Since history of Keno is very rich and has a long history so we are going to categorize and then explain it in two parts that are as follows;


Cheung Leung was a Chinese ruler who invented this game in 200 BC. It is famous that it was war time when Keno was invented and people had no food, money or supply and they did not want to fight any longer and that was the point when the idea of inventing this game with 120 symbols, rather 80 symbols as found in modern keno, struck the head of Leung. Today people even believe that funds to build the Great Wall of China were also raised using this game. White pigeon is the ancient name of Keno in China. In China birds used to transfer money to people living outside the city.


In 19th century keno was brought to USA by Chinese immigrants. From then this game started getting fame and at a point it was known as Chinese lottery. Due to large number of symbol it was thought that this game is never going to gain this much popularity that it has now. Nevada recognized gambling and then legalized it 1931 but this game was not authorized even that time and then with this action the name of this game was changed to Horse Racing Keno and people started playing with numbers. With this modification this game got immense popularity and people started playing it with a lot of interest.