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Do You Want To Play Keno but Don’t Know How?

If you know how to play lottery, then playing keno is not a difficult thing for you because rules of keno and lottery are very much similar. Online version of keno is very much similar to the traditional keno because in both the games you know who your competitors are when you lose the game but in online keno you never come to know who won the game if you are one of the losers.

Since keno is a lottery game so you do not need much experience or acquaintance to the rules because chances of winning the game are equal for both the beginners and professional players. Though this game depends on your luck and chance also but there are some rules that need to be followed. Before plunging in the rivers of ecstasy you must learn the basic rules for betting so that you can play keno.


The rules for playing keno are extremely easy and you can learn them in few minutes. Originally, the rules of the game say that you have to bet for 80 different numbers. However, in traditional and online keno games you can select up to 20 numbers at a same time and bet them with 20 different amounts. In most of the casinos you cannot select more than 15 numbers. You need to bet for different numbers and wait if your selected number appears on the board, if your selected number appears, you win otherwise lose.


Prior to start the game, you must know all the rules and regulations and betting types of keno.


While betting on various numbers you will need to select a specific combination of numbers, these combinations will be considered as a single bet.


This system allows you to bet for 20 or more numbers but this rule is not universal many casinos do not let player bet for more than 15 numbers.

Most of the professional players use some effective bets to increase their winning chances these bets take account of king tickets, split ticket and way tickets.