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Dealing with dishonest Online Casinos

With the increased popularity of online gambling, the chances of running across dishonest or scamming online casinos has increased. Fortunately though, it’s not very common of the gambling industry to cheat, and with time, there is hope to eliminate dishonest gambling organizations entirely.

Dishonest casinos will usually fraud or scam a player of their money. It is very common among such casinos to offer insanely high bonuses, instantly attracting players and then not honoring their part of the deal. It is rare for dishonest casinos to hand out a player his winnings, even if the victory is completely legal and meets the requirements of the claimed bonus.

There are a few steps one can follow after encountering a dishonest online casino. Quite a few watchdog groups exist in the gambling industry to make sure certain standards of quality are consistently maintained. Of these groups, eCOGRA, is one of the most influential ones. To achieve a seal of approval from eCOGRA, a casino has to pass some of the most stringent of tests. If the casino you are having trouble with happens to have a seal of approval from eCOGRA, you can simply refer to eCOGRA’s legal department and have your claim examined. In most cases the victor of such a case is the player, and the casino has to either pay up or lose the seal of approval previously achieved.

But what if the scamming casino was not approved by eCOGRA in the first place? Here the player is left with a few options. An easy and mostly effective way is to complain on Internet forums related to gambling. Losing reputation, especially as an online casino, can be a very bad thing and most companies would rather pay up the compensation than lose customers to bad reputation.

Finally, there are mainly two types of dishonest online casinos. The ones that do not pay because of some sort of a discrepancy, and the ones that are simply there to scam players. While with the former, the player has a good chance of getting justice delivered, the latter is the opposite of honest. These websites simply exist to trap players into paying up and then disappearing off the map.

To keep safe from such dishonest casinos, it is a good idea to browse internet forums and find regularly updated lists of dishonest online casinos. Many such lists exist and they will help you know which websites have a terrible payout records, which ones are pure scam and which ones are generally accepted as the best and the safest.