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Craps is known to be one the most played and popular casino games. There are countless lovers of craps because playing craps is very easy and its rules are very simple. Though there is no hard and fast formula to win craps, but still there are some strategies that can surely minimize the amount of money you lose in the game. Anyone who wants to plunge in excitement and zeal must try this game because the only thing that makes a winner is luck; there are fifty-fifty chances to win the game so results always remain unpredictable for newbies and pros as well.

The game revolves around the simple shooting process, a shooter needs to shot dice until he misses the outcome; if 12, 3 or 2 comes on the dice then the shooter loses and the round ends and next round starts up with a new shooter. A bettor needs to bet a number between 2 to 12 and if the betted number shows up, bettor wins the round. There are numerous types of craps that players love to play, in some games there are lower payouts with higher odds and for the others the payouts are really high for lower odds. Hence it is always lucrative for a bettor to play with lower odds and earn a huge amount of money in the end. Some of excellent craps games are as follows;


When the outcome of the bet is 2 or 3 then it is called as do not pass line.


If the outcome of shooting dice is either 7 or 11 it is called pass line bets.


If a player scores 3 or 2 after come bet then it is known as do not come bet


If a player scores 11 0r 7 after come out then it is a come bet.


If a players bets for a number and that numbers shows up then it is called single role bet.