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Bingo is one of the world’s most favorite and famous games. Bingo has its aficionados around the globe who love playing it from every region of the world. It gives you an opportunity to place bet and relish the pleasures of immense fun. Canadian Bingo lovers play this game to enjoy it to the fullest. Because of the online availability of this game, number of online players has increased exponentially. The game aficionados who are not having time to go casinos and enjoy the game can now take delights of online casinos. Play this game from home any time you want.

Bingo has two major types and each type revolves around a specific format and region. The most famous type of this game is Bingo 90 ball which is widely being played in entire Europe, New Zealand, Australia and Latin America. Bingo 75 ball is popular in many regions of North America. Bingo 75 balls is also very popular in Canada and United States. This game is very famous because people do not need to learn any specified rules or follow a strategy all they need to do is to place their bets and wait if their betting combination or number is winning combination, if it is then they win and otherwise lose.

The major difference between two types of Bingo is the number of chances to win. In Bingo 90 balls game you have three bets for three types of winning chances at a single time while in Bingo 75 ball you have only a single winning chance for a time. Hence, winning chances in Bingo 90 balls are much greater than Bingo 75, but it is purely your own choice that what kind of Bingo game you enjoy the most and love to play, whichever type you choose Bingo is always an exciting game to play.